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Dr MorrisDr. Kathleen Morris
-Welcome To My World-
Having been raised on a farm in Illinois, and deciding to become a veterinarian at 9 years old, while watching Dr. McCutchan save the life of a new-born baby calf, I have never regretted my decision on my chosen profession. Because it was always so hard on me when one of our farm animals had to die because it was not "worth it" to save it's life, I decided to concentrate on treating small animals, mainly dogs and cats, upon graduating from the University of Illinois in 1974 (gosh, has it been that long)? Coming from farm country, I was less than thrilled at coming to the Detroit area, and planned to stay for a year. But, I very quickly met with some wonderful people and found out what an exciting and varied location in which I was fortunate enough to have been transplanted.

We also have a great group of veterinarians and specialists in our area, from whom I have learned so much. Our hospital staff is very involved in continuing education. Our technicians arrange in-hospital seminars, and the doctors attend local and national lectures. Every month we meet with the veterinarians from another local hospital and have a veterinary radiologist review all of our x-rays and discuss the cases presented. We have the absolutely BEST clients and patients in the world. Our clients expect us to provide the latest medical and surgical care available, and if necessary refer their pet to a specialist. We try to use the best Western medicine available, but have also developed an interest in some of the more alternative therapies. We frequently refer patients to a veterinary acupuncturist. The first rule of medicine is "do no harm," and that means that we will offer the best of whatever the patient needs. After practicing since 1974, I still love coming to work everyday. I am fortunate enough to work with a group of terrific, caring, dedicated people and, we have so many clients and patients who are part of my "family" that I could not imagine a more satisfying life-calling. We look foreword to meeting your furry family members(as long as they bark or meow). -Dr. Kathleen Morris

Dr. Morris is also a member of SEMVMA- The Southeastern Michigan Veterinary Medical Association and VIN- The Veterinary Information Network.

She is a Moderator on the Mega-E chat group, and has posted helpful nebulizer video's on You-Tube to help patients with Mega-E.

Dr. Morris also Won the 2008, Vet of the year contest sponsored By Dr's Foster and Smith!!

Terri Hagewood
Dr. Terri Hagewood and her family

My desire to become a veterinarian began when I was seven years old, and I would help my father with the family pets. Growing up and being one of seven children, my parents still managed to have a household full of pets, and I am grateful for their insight. This insight allowed me to nurture my future career. To pursue my career I did my undergraduate study at Purdue University. I continued my graduate training for veterinary medicine at Kansas State University, where in 1989 I obtained my D.V.M. degree. I moved to Michigan in order to expand the career opportunities for both my husband and myself. I began working in a multi-doctor practice shortly after we moved. On my days off I began working at the specialty practices in order to learn new and improved techniques for the benefit of my patients. I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Kathy Morris who was looking for a doctor to help out with surgeries at her practice. After a year of doing surgery for her hospital on my day off, I became her associate for the next five years. I have been married for over 20 years to my wonderful husband, Byron, and we have two children. Victoria my oldest, and my youngest daughter Rebekah. My love for this profession yet my devotion to my family made me decide to start relief work. Relief work allowed me to have a more flexible schedule, and also allowed me to accommodate the family. I have continued to return to Morris Hospital weekly to perform surgery and feel fortunate that I have such a wonderful extended family. We currently have three dogs, Aiden, a German Wire-haired Pointer, Aaralyn, German Shepherd that we rescued and Theodore, a Cavalier-Bichon who was also a rescue.

*Dr. Byron Hagewood also fills in at the clinic from time to time.


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