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Examination And Consultation - Each pet visiting Morris Hospital will receive a full physical examination including: the eyes, ears, teeth, lymphatic system, bone structure, anal glands, and muscle tone. At this time blood and fecal tests will be performed if considered necessary by the Doctor. This is also the time for the client to voice any questions or concerns regarding the pet, and together with the veterinarian will determine the best course of action for their pet. If your pet has a complicated condition that needs explaining, or you need extra time to discuss things with the doctor feel free to call our receptionist and set up a consultation appointment. This can be a time JUST for you.

Vaccination and Preventive Medicine - Morris hospital can provide you with age-specific immunizations, exterior and interior parasite control, diet conditioning, and wellness programs appropriate to your pet after you have had the yearly physical exam. Dr. Morris believes that a pet can be over vaccinated, and realizes that every pet's needs are different.

Cytology - We do not believe in wait and see when it comes to lumps and bumps. Early detection is paramount to giving you a wide range of treatment options, so when a lump is found we will extract a small sample to define it's cell type (malignant or benign).

Surgical Procedures - All surgical procedures are performed under safe and sterile conditions. Our staff continuously monitors the patient's heart rate, color, breathing, and oxygen level throughout the surgery. Our hospital prides itself in your pet's quick and safe recovery post-operatively to ensure the least level of stress possible to your pet.

Professional Dental Services - Regular home dental care for your pet is suggested, but when services are needed our skilled technicians perform efficient cleaning, polishing, and fluoride treatments to your pets while they are safely under anesthesia. Dental extractions are also available if needed.

Diagnostic Imaging - Radiology (X-ray) and ultrasound services are available.

Microchipping - This is the process where a small microchip is implanted underneath the skin of your pet between the shoulder blades, it is a safe and permanent means of pet identification We Use Bayer's RES-Q Chip.

Fees and Payments- At Morris Veterinary Hospital, our fees reflect our expertise, the quality of our facility and equipment, the caring and concern of our staff, continuing education efforts, the services provided, and our willingness to listen and learn from you. We are happy to furnish estimates of charges before services are rendered - please ask us. Payment is DUE in Full at time of Services - We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, and Dicover as well as debit cards.

Prescription Foods and all Natural Treats- We carry a variety of Science Diet, Eukanuba, and Royal Canine prescription diets for those "special needs" pets. We also carry FRUITABLES, an all natural dog treat that is low calorie and made with human grade ingredients.


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